Thursday, August 6, 2009

blood sweat and gears

I just want to say congratulations for one solid bike build with tons of style. This 1953 Triumph was built by a close friend of mine Chad Lewis. He worked on it for several years and finally got to ride it for this year's Daytona Bike Week.

While hanging out at the Limpnickie Lot some Cat walks up and asks if he can shoot it for the Back Street Heroes Magazine. Trying to contain his enthusiasm of course Chad says HELL YEAH!! So he met the photographer bright and early the next day at some dock in Daytona, got some pics taken, then waited anxiously to hear when/if it would be published. You know how that goes, everybody at these things are snapping pictures left and right so he didn't have his hopes up.

A couple nights ago I got a call from the road and it's an excited Chad telling me he got four pages and the table of contents. HOLY SHIT!! And we all know us bike builders do it for the love and would do it even if nobody ever saw our shit but come on...a feature in a mag is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the happy get the point.

So again I just want to give a big congratualtions to a true chopper building freak, you deserve it man!

Please check out this months BSH for the full article. It's awesome!


The Hate Factory said...

That's cool, man.
Congrats, Chad.

MattyZ said...

As being one of the first to see this bike years ago, I'd like to congratulate you Chad, for a job well done. I know you have a very trying schedule and finding build time was slim to none. It's good to see that thing together, running strong and makin a statement. Kick ass, Man.